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What's in a Name?
Globalization, Regionalization, and APEC
Vol. 4

Vinod Aggarwal, John Ravenhill, Hadi Soesastro.
Arturo Santa-Cruz (Editor)

This volume presents a critical evaluation of the processes of globalization and regionalization as instantiated in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation mechanism (APEC). The introductory chapter emphasizes the aspirational nature of the Pacific Rim as a region, and argues that it's possible materialization would, paradoxically, be a sign of deeper globalization. The second chapter looks at APEC as process, emphasizing it's peculiar characteristics and ultimate goal: community building. The third chapter undertakes a critical evaluation of APEC. Focusing on the three pillar of the organization (trade liberization, trade facilitation, and economic and technical cooperation), it shows the rather meager progress achieved so far. It then poses the questions of whether APEC has been overburdened with expectations and whether it's institutional design is adequate. Finally, chapter four makes an explicit connection beteen a "transregional" organization like APEC and the global process of trade liberalization through the Worl Trade Organization (WTO). This Chapter presents an analytical framework on modes of trade liberalization in light of APEC's role in trade liberalization since the Seattle 1999 WTO Summit. Again, the outcome is not heartening for advocates of free trade. This, the global stage seems set for the flowering of regional and bilateral integration whereas the Pacific Rim, as a region inscribed in a globalized economy, seems to remain a distant aspiration.

Índice /Introduction /APEC: The Joy of a Process /Evaluating APEC /APEC and trade Liberalization after Seattle /Arturo Santa-Cruz , 2003, 88 pp.

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